Presentation of Prosperous Volleyball Player: Angelos Kanasaros

First name Last name Birth place Birth date Nationality Weight Height Max. spike Position
Angelos Kanasaros Samos Island Greece 27 January , Year 2000 Greek 80 kg 194 cm 335 cm Receiver Spiker

Short description:
Angelos Kanasaros (now 17 years old) started his volleyball training at the age of 10, under his fathers coaching.
Unfortunely in Samos Island there are not any teams for either boys or men! So for a few years he was only training, and training, and training again, without any competitive experience whatsoever.
In 2016 Angelos and family moves to Athens (capital of Greece) , in order to seize more opportunities to play for some of Greece's top volleyball teams in his category. So in 2016 Angelos became a member of the team of Milon (A.O.N.S. O MILON) in Athens.
For the first time he had the opportunity to play competitive volleyball at high level, all year around, and of course he had a great experience! Except for his training on the team of Milon, he also trained with the pre-national team of Greece in the U17 category (17 year old boys) during the year.
We all hope and wish him the best future prospect in volleyball.

Summer sea swimming.
Watching movies.
Music , Dancing.

volleyball Receive

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Angelos Birth Place Samos Island in Greece is also Favorite Summer Destination. Samos Island on Google Maps.
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